Before you deploy the People Search app to your organization, you must set up the app in the Workspace ONE UEM console.

To configure People Search:

  1. In the Workspace ONE UEM console, navigate to Device > Devices Settings > Apps > Settings and Policies > Settings.
  2. Configure the Branding on the log-in screens for your deployment of the People Search app. Applicable settings list by platform.

    The branding settings you configure here are universal for all your deployed applications. People Search inherits existing branding, and any changes you make to the branding affect your other VMware and AirWatch applications, such as Browser or Content Locker. For more information about branding options, see Configure Branding for the Default SDK Profile.

  3. Configure Logging to record and display data for issues, events, or regular information gathering for the People Search application.

    For more information on configuring application logging, see Configure Logging for the Default SDK Profile .

  4. Configure Custom Settings to set app behavior and defaults. A sample configuration is included.

    "allowAddToContacts": true,

    "emailUsing": "Boxer",

    "openUrlUsing": "AWBrowser",

    "policyAllowCrashReporting": true,

    "policyAllowMetrics": true,

    "tenantHost": ""


    For more information about the custom settings available for the People Search application, see People Search Custom Settings.

    For more information on configuring custom settings in the Workspace ONE UEM console, see Configure Custom Settings for the Default SDK Profile .

  5. Select Save to deploy your changes.

Once you have configured your People Search application, deploy it to your end users. For more information, see Add an Assignment to an Internal Application.