Enable VMware People Search and map the Active Directory attributes required to retrieve information about employees, including profile pictures and management hierarchy.

To configure People Search in the VMware Identity Manager console:

  1. In the Catalog tab, select Settings > People Search.
  2. Select Enable People Search and select Next.
  3. In the page that displays, select the directory to configure for People Search.
  4. Review the attribute list and select attributes to reflect which attributes to map to the Active Directory attributes and click Next.

    To sync the photo profiles from the thumbnailPhoto attribute in the Active Directory, select the imageURL attribute.

    Attributes that can be configured for People Search:

    userName lastName firstName
    email address alternatePhoneNumber
    businessUnit costCenter country
    locality managerDN mobile
    phone physicalDeliveryOfficeName postalCode
    region telephoneNumber title
    userPrincipalName distinguishedName socialcast
    slack linkedInProfileUrl imageURL

    To deploy People Search, you must configure title, managerDN, and distinguishedName attributes.

  5. Map the attribute names listed to the Active Directory attributes.
  6. If the VMware Identity Manager service is not already configured to sync all users, specify the DN to sync all users. For example, enter CN=Users,DC=example,DC=com.

    To use the People Search application successfully, sync all users in your organization to the directory.

    The directory sync profile you configured is added to the Directory > Sync Settings > Users sync list.

  7. Select Save and Sync.

    The Active Directory attributes sync to the directory.

To change the access time-to-live, the refresh token time-to-live, and the idle token time-to-live, go to the Catalog > Settings > Remote App Access > Templates page. Edit PeopleSearchOAuth2Template. For more information, see Creating Clients for Remote Application Access.

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