Use the following information to introduce VMware People Search to your end users.

Workspace ONE Requirements

To use the People Search application, your end users' devices must run Workspace ONE.

Minimum OS Requirements

To deploy People Search as part of your Workspace ONE deployment, your end users' devices must run the following operating systems:

  • Apple: iOS 9 or later
  • Android: Android 4.4 (Kit Kat) or later

Beginning with VMware People Search v1.0.2 for iOS, VMware People Search supports notched display on the iPhone X.


Downloading People Search

After you deploy the People Search application to Workspace ONE, it is available for your end users to download to their devices. The People Search application is pushed down to users on managed devices or made available for download to users on BYOD deployments.

If you have not configured People Search at the admin level, and especially the directory integration, your users are notified that the application does not have full functionality, and that they cannot perform a search.

Using the People Search Application

The People Search application consists of a search bar where users can type names of people in your organization to find their contact information and their reporting hierarchies.

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When users select a search result, they can view the searched user's profile, which includes information like email addresses, phone numbers, and office addresses. In the Org tab, users can view other users in the same organization, and select individual users to view them in an org chart.

Org-iOS Org2-iOS

From the Profile page, users can contact the searched user using the contact options provided:

  • Email - uses the default email application assigned to the User profile.
  • Phone - uses the default phone application native to the OS to dial a call.

Any Custom Attributes mapped for a user on the VMware Identity Manager display on the Profiles page. Any external actions users perform on this page, such as launching a Skype call, open the appropriate application as configured by the VMware Identity Manager.

Users can send feedback, including screenshots of problems they experience, using the in-app feedback mechanism. This feedback helps VMware AirWatch improve product performance and experience.


On the People Search application home page, users select the gear icon to view application information and settings.

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