Create a VPN Profile to deploy corporate VPN settings directly to managed devices. This profile allows end users to access corporate infrastructure remotely and securely.

To enforce a VPN profile:

  1. Navigate to Devices > Profiles > List View > Add and select Add Profile.

  2. Select Windows and then select Windows 7.
  3. Configure the profile General settings.

    These settings determine how the profile deploys and who receives it. For more information on General settings, see Add General Profile Settings.

  4. Select the VPN profile.
  5. Select Enable VPN to configure the VPN settings, including:
    Settings Descriptions
    Connection Type Use the drop-down menu to select the network connection method.
    Connection Name Enter the name of the connection.
    Server Enter the hostname or IP address of the server to which to connect.
    Username Enter the user name required for VPN authentication.
    Domain Enter the name of the domain to which the VPN connects.
    Password Enter the password required to join the VPN. Select Show Characters to disable hidden characters within the text box.
  6. Select Save & Publish when you are finished to push the profile to devices.