Workspace ONE UEM supports installation of RFS on Linux and Windows servers. You can also verify the installation using the options provided in the UEM console.

Complete the following steps to install RFS on the Linux Server. Workspace ONE UEM recommends utilizing the GUI-less method outlined in these instructions.

  1. Copy the .zip file you downloaded from the UEM console into a folder in the Linux server.
  2. Navigate to the folder you copied the file to in the Linux box. Unzip the file using the following command:

    • config.xml
    • RemoteFileStorage.bin
    • rfsSSl.pfx
  3. Make the RemoteFileStorage.bin an executable using the following commands:

    sudo chmod +x RemoteFileStorage.bin
    sudo ./RemoteFileStorage.bin
  4. Press Enter until you receive a prompt to accept the licensing agreement. Press Y to accept.

  5. Respond to the prompts in the RFS Configuration section.

    • Enter Y to utilize automatic communication using multi-casting .

      Alternatively, enter N to cluster RFS servers by host name, and provide the IP addresses for the servers.

    • Enter Y enter N.
    • Enter Y if the RFS server gets SSL offloaded behind a load balancer. Otherwise, enter N.
  6. Enter and confirm the Certificate Password you entered when downloading the installer in the console.

  7. Configure the RFS Storage file path:

    • Enter the absolute path where RFS stores files, which should match the path created when RFS was configured.
    • Review your entry.
    • Press Y to confirm.
  8. Review the Summary information for accuracy. Press Enter to continue.

  9. Press Enter to begin installation. Any install errors display in an error message, and in the installation log which saves to:

  10. Run the command to check that all the services run properly:

    $ sudo service AirWatchRfs status
  11. Verify RFS installed successfully.