To deploy the AirWatch Remote Management Service, ensure that your system meets the requirements.

Server Requirements

Requirements Minimum
Physical/Virtual Memory 4-GB RAM
Number of Cores Required 2 Cores
Server versions supported Windows 2008/2012
Minimum supported Java version JRE 1.8 Update 60
Valid SSL certificate and bindings  

Whenever Java Runtime Environment (JRE) updates to the latest version, you must update the environment variables to point to the latest JRE. This environment variable update must occur through a background process or through a manual installation. The TS_JAVA_HOME variable must point to the most recent JRE file path.

For more information on updating Java certificates, see Update the Java Key Store.

Network Requirements

Your network solution determines the network requirements for remote management. Customize these settings as necessary.

The following table contains the default ports used by the remote management service.

Source Component Destination Component Protocol Port
Devices (from Internet and Wi-Fi) Remote Management TCP 7779
Console Server Remote Management TCP 7779
Remote Management Server Device Services HTTPS 443
Remote Management Server AirWatch Console HTTPS 443
Remote Management Server AWCM HTTP/HTTPS 2001

Admin Computer/Console

The following are the requirements for the computer used to log in to the AirWatch Console.

Requirements Maximum/Minimum
Admin Desktop/Console
Supported Browsers

Firefox 32-bit, up to version 51 with admin rights.

Internet Explorer 11.

Minimum supported Java version for applet Java 7+
AirWatch version
  • For on-premises customers, AirWatch v8.1.4+.
  • For SaaS customers, AirWatch v8.2+.

Supported Platforms

The following platforms and OS versions support remote management.

  • Android with AirWatch Agent v5.3.1+.
    • Motorola/Zebra MX 1.3+ devices.
    • Samsung with SAFE 4+.
    • Panasonic.
    • Honeywell.
    • Kyocera.
  • macOS with AirWatch Agent v2.2+.
  • QNX.
  • Windows Mobile/CE.
    • Remote Management for Windows Mobile devices is only intended to be used with Windows Mobile devices that are not being actively used by end users (e.g. devices that are cradled or docked). When using Remote Management with Windows Mobile devices, no device notification is provided when the remote management functionality is in use. You are solely responsible for notifying any device end users of your use of this remote management functionality.

  • Windows Desktop.
  • Windows 7 with AirWatch Agent v7.2.0+.