This method uses redemption codes to allocate the content to devices, and it does not support revoking the codes from Apple iOS devices. Once the redemption code is redeemed, it cannot be recycled. Also, Workspace ONE UEM cannot delete content bought using redemption codes off devices.

Devices older than Apple iOS 7 must use this method for purchasing VPP content because the managed distribution is not available for older systems.

You cannot use redemption codes for macOS systems.

Basics of the Redemption Code Method

View Redemption Codes and Workspace ONE UEM for a list of required steps for the successful deployment.

See Supported Content for Purchased Applications for a matrix outlining which VPP deployment methods are available for a content type and an operating system version.

See Redemption Code Information for steps to access information about your redemption codes so that you can manage and track your VPP deployments.

Add Applications with Redemption Codes

Apple uses Web services to manage redemption codes. For the Workspace ONE UEM console to access Apple's Web services, you must first upload the redemption code spreadsheet. See Upload a Redemption Code Spreadsheet.

You must enable the UEM console to assign redemption codes to users and devices. Select the applicable organization groups and smart groups to which to assign redemption codes. See Assign Content to Users for the process.