The Email Notification Service (ENS) uses the Cloud Notification Service (CNS) certificate to complete the SSL handshake with the CNS server. You must renew the CNS certificate based on its expiration date. If the certificate is not renewed, email notifications do not appear for AirWatch Inbox or VMware Boxer installed devices.

To renew the SSL certificate:

  1. Double-click the ENS Config Tool shortcut icon on the desktop.
  2. Select Upload SSL Pinning Certificate.
  3. Select Upload Certificate.
  4. Select the certificate that you want to upload and then select Submit.

    Supported certificate file extensions are .cer, .crt, .der, .pem, .p7b.

Once you upload the SSL pinning certificate on ENS, the ENS config tool adds the public key of the certificate to the ENS config file and restarts the ENS service. Thereafter, when ENS posts the payload to CNS, certificate validation is done against the newly added certificate public key.