This section walks you through the process of installing Workspace ONE UEM Reports to enable report configuration, report subscription, and data driven email for your Workspace ONE UEM deployment.

Reports Options

There are three options for configuring reporting.

  • Option 1: Custom Reports

    Custom reports allow you to create reports on your Workspace ONE UEM deployment based on your business needs. Custom reports use a cloud-based report storage to gather data and create the reports. The custom reports feature provides faster, easier access to critical business intelligence data than normal Workspace ONE UEM reports. Custom reports allow you to build customized reports using starter templates or create a report from scratch. You can choose from a wide range of data fields such as Apps and Devices.

    For more information on Custom Reports, see the Custom Reports Overview in the Report Analytics Guide, available on

  • Option 2: New Reports

    The reports functionality allows you to access detailed information about the devices, users, and applications in your Workspace ONE UEM solution. The exports of these reports are in CSV format.

    For more information on Custom Reports, see the Reports Overview in the Report Analytics Guide, available on

  • Option 3: Legacy SSRS

    The Workspace ONE UEM Reporting module integrates with SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), which is a SQL Server module deployed with the main SQL Server instance. Sometimes the SSRS module is deployed on a separate Server. In this case, install Workspace ONE UEM Reporting on the Server hosting SSRS.

    The SSRS installer is no longer included with the Workspace ONE UEM installation package. To add Legacy SSRS reporting to your Workspace ONE UEM v9.6 deployment, run the Reports installer for AirWatch v.9.1 in addition to your normal Workspace ONE UEM installation, and use the documentation for that version.


     While your reports server can be installed on the same server as the database, a dedicated SSRS instance is required for reports installations. Installing Workspace ONE UEM Reports on an existing production reporting instance may cause reporting failures.