The Request Device Log command allows you to retrieve AirWatch Agent or detailed system logs from corporate-owned devices and view them in the console to quickly resolve any issues on the device.

The Request Device Log dialog box allows you to customize your logging request for Android devices.

To configure the settings:

  1. Navigate to Groups & Settings > All Settings> Devices and Users > General > Privacy and enable Request Device Log in the privacy settings. For more information see, Devices & Users / General / Privacy .


    Employee- owned devices are not allowed to be selected due to privacy concerns

  2. Navigate to Devices > List View > Select device from list > More Actions > Request Device Log.
  3. Customize the log settings:

    Setting Description

    Select Agent to collect logs generated by AirWatch Agent.

    Select System to include all applications and events on the device. System is available based on your privacy settings and is limited to device manufacturers with specific platform service applications.

    Available on devices running Platform OEM Service v3.3+, MSI Service v1.3+, and Honewell Service v3.0+.

    Type Select Snapshot to retrieve the latest log records available from devices. Select Timed to collect a rolling log over a specified period. Multiple log files may be sent to AirWatch.

    Specify the duration of time for the device to collect and report logs to the console

    Level Determine the level of detail included in the log (Error, Warning, Info, Debug, Verbose)
  4. Select Save.

To review the log files, navigate to Device Details > More > Attachments > Documents.

Cancel Log Request

You can cancel the device log request after the logs have been received and there is no further need for log collection.

To cancel the log request:

  1. Navigate to Devices > List View > Select device from list > More Actions > Cancel Device Log to cancel the device log request.