Use privacy configurations to control the collection of data from your VMware productivity applications.

Configurable Privacy Policies

Privacy configurations consist of key-value pairs entered in the Workspace ONE UEM console. The default SDK settings power these configurations, and they provide the listed controls.

  • Display your company's privacy policy within the productivity application so that users can review it and know the company's exact policy.
  • To allow users to decide if they want to share their feature usage analytics, display a Data Sharing page in the productivity application. Sharing feature usage analytics helps VMware improve existing features and develop new ones.
  • If you use Apteligent by VMware or VMware Workspace ONE Intelligence, you can share the diagnostic data for productivity applications that is collected from these systems. Sharing diagnostic data helps to analyze and troubleshoot problems with applications and your enterprise mobility management environment.

    For information about Apteligent by VMware, see the content on

    For information about VMware Workspace ONE Intelligence, see Workspace ONE Intelligence.

Supported VMware Productivity Applications

The privacy policies impact the listed VMware productivity applications.

  • VMware AirWatch Browser
  • VMware AirWatch Content Locker
  • VMware Boxer
  • VMware People Search
  • VMware Workspace ONE

Access to Privacy Policy Information

Users can access the privacy information in productivity applications and they can change their selections at any time. Users also see the privacy dialog box when they first access the application and when they upgrade the application.

Note: For more information about these privacy policies, see the knowledge base article VMware Workspace ONE Mobile Applications Privacy Update at