The Classic and the V2 platform supports various compliance policies and the architecture. Refer the listed features to determine which platform best suits your need.

Supported Not supported FR Future Release
  Classic V2
  Compliance Policies
General Access Policies    
Sync Settings
Managed Device User
EAS Device Type
EAS Mail Client
Managed Device Policies    
MDM Inactivity
Device Compromised
Device Encryption
Device Model
Device OS
Require EAS Profile
Email Security Policies    
Email Classification
Attachment Control
VMware Browser Integration
Mail Server    
Microsoft Exchange (2010+)
Office 365
IBM Notes Traveler (8.5+)
Google FR
Other ActiveSync
Basic Authentication
Certificate Authentication (KCD)
Outbound Proxy    
To Email Server
Without Email Security Policies

2 CPU Core per 4,000 devices

2 CPU Core per 8,000 devices
With Email Security Policies

2 CPU Core per 500 devices

2 CPU Core per 4,000 devices
For more information on sizing requirements, see SEG (Classic Platform) Requirements (Classic Platform) and SEG (V2 Platform) Requirements (V2 Platform).