Create copies of SaaS applications and assign them to different users and groups.

When users log into Workspace ONE and select the application to which they are assigned, the Workspace ONE system sends them the assign application version.

Using copies of applications is useful if your deployment has different business units that use the same application.

To copy a SaaS application, use the Copy feature, update configurations for that version, and assign the version to the applicable users and groups.

  1. Navigate to Apps & Books > Applications > Web > SaaS and select the application.
  2. Select Copy.

  3. Complete settings on the Definition tab.

    To help find the copied application, enter a name in the Name field. Complete any other desired settings.

  4. Edit settings on the Configuration tab as needed.

  5. Use the default access policy or select an application-specific access policy on the Access Policies tab.
  6. Review the information on the Summary tab and move to the assignment process.

Assign SaaS Applications

Assign copies of SaaS applications to different users and groups configured in VMware Identity Manager. See Assign SaaS Applications.