Create a single-staging user in the UEM console before pre-registering the device.

To begin with single staging flow with pre-registration:

  1. Create Single-Staging User in the UEM console.
  2. Pre-Register Device to the Enrollment User (basic or directory user in the UEM console)
  3. Enroll the device to the single staging user (DEP staging or Web enrollment or Agent enrollment)


  • Pre-registration is only supported for Single-Staging​
  • Device must be assigned to a staging user before the pre-registration or API flow to work​

Create Single-Staging User

  1. Navigate to Accounts > Users > List View and then select Add > Add User.
  2. Enter the general information such as Username, Password, Full name, email address in the General tab for a single staging user in the Add/Edit User page.
  3. In the Advanced tab, under Staging, enable Device Staging and Single User Devices.
  4. Select Save to save the enrollment user.

Once single staging user is created, the next step is to pre-register the macOS device. In the UEM console, pre-register the device through the device identifiers (such as serial, udid, and so on) to the directory or basic enrollment user.

Pre-Register Device to the Enrollment User

  1. Navigate to Devices > Lifecycle > Enrollment Status. Select Add and then select Register Device.
  2. In the User tab, enter a basic user or directory user in the User's Search Text text box and select the user from the search list.
  3. Enable Show Advanced Device Information Options check box and enter the device identifiers of the device.
  4. Select Save.

After the pre-registration of the device is complete, the next step is to enroll device to the Workspace ONE UEM single-staging user.