After stopping and disabling the World Wide Web Publishing Service, start the Workspace ONE UEM Application Installer on all of your Workspace ONE UEM application servers. The installer stops all the services on the App server automatically.

To start the installer:

  1. On each application server, open the Workspace ONE UEM v9.6 Application folder and run the Workspace ONE UEM v9.6.X Full Install.exe.

    Execute the Workspace ONE UEM installer from an account with administrator privileges. If you do not have administrative privileges, right-click and choose Run as Administrator to run the installer.

  2. The installer installs pending server prerequisites, if any.

    Certain software components you might be prompted to download, such as .NET and TLS, require a reboot. Proceed with the installer until finished and reboot when you are done.

  3. If requested, reboot the server. Once the server reboots, the Workspace ONE UEM Application Installer restarts automatically. If not, please restart the installer to continue

    The installer continues installing any prerequisites. When finished, a prompt displays asking you to update your Workspace ONE UEM database.


Complete these steps on each application server before continuing. After reaching the database prompt on each application server, upgrade your Workspace ONE UEM Database. For more information, see Upgrade Database.