The first step is to configure an internal data source in CMS Mobile to store incoming data from Workspace ONE UEM.

  1. Connect to the OpenTrust CMS Mobile using an administrator identity.
  2. If the OpenTrust application does not open on the Settings page, select the drop-down arrow on the top, left corner of the dashboard and select Settings from the drop-down list.


  3. Navigate to Datasources by selecting Applications & Repositories > Datasources. The Datasources screen displays.


  4. Click on the Create a new Datasource drop-down and select Internal.

  5. Click on the Create button. The Configure an Internal Datasource window displays. The field names will be the ones received from Workspace ONE UEM during each enrollment. The ones listed below are typical examples; the ones you want should have been decided in the previous step.

    These fields will be displayed in the Workspace ONE UEM console later when performing the integration.


  6. Enter a Name and Description for the new Datasource.

  7. Enter an Attribute name, Internal Name, and select a Label from the drop-down list that matches the Mandatory Fields you will be configuring in Step 6: Setup Certificate Template for OpenTrust CA Type.

  8. Click on Save. The new Datasource is added to the Internal list as shown in the screen below.


    Further information about configuring datasources is available from OpenTrust’s documentation.