1. Launch the Server Manager on the server to be used as the NDES/SCEP/MSCEP server.
  2. Select Roles.

  3. Click Add Roles. The Add Roles Wizard displays.

  4. Click Next. The Select Server Roles dialog box displays.

  5. Select Active Directory Certificate Services.

  6. Click Next. The Select Role Services dialog box displays.

  7. Clear the Certification Authority checkbox.

  8. Select Network Device Enrollment Service (or SCEP/MSCEP).

  9. Click Next.

  10. Click Select User. The user selected MUST be in the local IIS_USRS Group.

  11. Enter the Username and Password for the account NDES/SCEP/MSCEP Admin Account.

  12. Click Next. The Specify CA for Network Device Enrollment Service (or SCEP/MSCEP) dialog displays.

  13. Select CA Name.

  14. Click Browse.

  15. Select the CA in the Select Certification Authority dialog.

  16. Click OK.

  17. In the Specify Registration Authority dialog box, select Next.

  18. In the Configure Cryptography for Registration Authority dialog box, select Next.

  19. Navigate through any additional required services or roles and then select Install and Next.