Now that you have generated an OpenTrust CMS Mobile 2.0 RA certificate, Workspace ONE UEM can be configured to communicate with OpenTrust.

  1. Navigate to Devices > Certificates > Certificate Authorities and in the System Settings page that displays, ensure the Certificate Authorities tab is selected.
  2. Select the Add button.

    The Certificate Authority – Add / Edit page displays.

  3. Select the Authority Type drop-down and select OpenTrust CMS Mobile.

  4. Enter in the Name field a unique name that identifies the OpenTrust certificate authority.

  5. Enter in the Server URL field; enter the URL of your OpenTrust CMS instance.

    The URL is different for each customer and your Workspace ONE UEM administrator should ask the MPS administrator where to connect to. Its general form is https://FQDN/connector/mdm.cgi

    where FQDN is the Fully Qualified Domain Name of the OpenTrust CMS Mobile server.

  6. Select the Protocol either the PKI or SCEP radio button.

  7. Lastly, select on the Upload button and select the “CMS JSON connector” certificate (PFX or P12 file) that you received in order to communicate with OpenTrust CMS Mobile.
  8. If applicable, the root certificate of the CMS JSON connector (pfx file) needs to be uploaded in the Trusted Root store of the Workspace ONE UEM Cloud Connector server.

  9. Enter in the Certificate Password field the password you received with the P12 file.

  10. Select the Save button and the PFX/P12 file uploads into Workspace ONE UEM and displays pertinent information about the certificate.

  11. When complete, select the Test Connection button and verify that the test is successful.


    If the connection failed, an error displays. This error could be the result of a certificate not being installed on the Workspace ONE UEM server, the URL not being correct, etc. In this case, the Server URL was not correct.


  12. Select Save.