Use the branding function to add logos and primary highlights to your application to customize the look of the application.

Branding by Organization Group

Many organizations brand applications according to the applications assigned organization group in the Workspace ONE UEM console. This technique is useful for updating the branding elements inline for time-sensitive events or marketing initiatives.

Access Branding Settings in the SDK

The branding profile is downloaded and available once the controllerDidReceive(profiles: [Profile]) function is called. Within the branding profile it is possible to view the raw values set in the console.

let brandingPayload = AWController.clientInstance().sdkProfile()?.BrandingPayload

The values in AWBranding become set once the controllerDidFinishInitialCheck. If a value is not set in the console, then the system returns nil.

Add Values to AWSDKDefaultSettings.plist

You can add a primary highlight color to brand the buttons on the authenication screen. You can also add two company logos ( AppLogo and SplashLogo) within the Branding dictionary inside your AWSDKDefaultSettings.plist.


The SDK puts the AppLogo on all of the authentication screens.



The SDK puts the SplashLogo on the loading screen and on the second application login screen.


Available Branding Entries in the AWSDKDefaultSettings.plist

Entry Type
Branding Dictionary


PrimaryHighlight String
AppLogo_1x String
AppLogo_2x String
SplashLogo_1x String
SplashLogo_2x String