The Event Notification setting page is used to configure the settings for event notifications to capture specific device-related events in real time. Workspace ONE UEM event notifications use HTTP URLs and the basic user method of authentication. Workspace ONE UEM supports notifications for specific events using Webhooks/Event Notification.

Webhooks are HTTP callbacks, sent to the URL of the user’s choosing whenever the specified event occurs. The user provides the URL as the callback destination after subscribing to the particular event. Additionally, because callbacks are returned to the specified URL every time an applicable event occurs, the user does not need to regularly poll the server for event information.

Event notification are configured for the following events:

  • Device Enrollment – Agent and Workspace
  • Device Unenrolled Enterprise Wipe
  • Device Wipe
  • Device Compliance Status Change
  • Device Compromised Status Change
  • Device Attribute Change
    • Asset Number
    • Device Friendly Name
    • Organization Group
    • User Email Address
    • Ownership
    • Operating System
    • Phone Number
    • Device MCC