Time Schedules enable you to control when each device profile is active. The profile dictates how restrictive or permissive the device usability is. The time schedule simply puts the profile installation on a schedule.

Enabling a Time Schedule is a two-step process.

  1. Define a Time Schedule.
  2. Apply a Time Schedule to a Profile.

Define a Time Schedule

You must define a time schedule before applying it to a device profile.

  1. Navigate to Devices > Profiles & Resources > Profiles Settings > Time Schedules.
  2. Select Add Schedule above the Schedule Name column.

  3. Select Add Schedule located under the Day of the Week column, then complete the following settings.

    Setting Description
    Schedule Name Enter the name of the time schedule that appears in the listing.
    Time Zone Select the time zone of the organization group under which the device is managed.
    Day of the Week Apply a scheduled profile installation by choosing a day of the week.
    All Day Make the profile install at midnight on the selected Day of the Week. Selecting this check box removes the Start Time and End Time columns.
    Start Time Select the time of day you want the profile to be installed.
    End Time Select the time of day you want the profile to be uninstalled.
    Actions Remove the day's schedule by clicking the X.
  4. Select Save.

Apply a Time Schedule to a New Profile

Once you have defined a time schedule, you can apply it to a new profile and combine it with other payloads to create more robust profiles. For instance, you can define time schedules for normal work hours and add a Restrictions payload that denies access to YouTube, multiplayer gaming, and other apps.

Once activated, the organization group users to whom the profile was applied no longer have access to these functions during the specified times.

  1. Navigate to Devices > Profiles & Resources > Profiles > ADD and select your platform.

  2. Select Enable Scheduling and install only during selected time periods on the General tab.

  3. In the Assigned Schedules box, enter one or more Time Schedules to this profile.
  4. Configure a payload, such as Passcode, Restrictions, or Wi-Fi that you want to apply only while devices are inside the time frames.
  5. Select Save & Publish.