After configuring your VMware Tunnel settings, deploy VMware Tunnel as an edge service on the VMware Unified Access Gateway appliance to simplify the installation process. VMware supports installation using either VMware vSphere and Unified Access Gateway Admin UI or PowerShell scripting.

Installing VMware Tunnel using VMware vSphere

The vSphere web client deployment method allows you to deploy the Unified Access Gateway through vSphere and then configure your custom settings in an admin UI. VMware Tunnel installs as a service on Unified Access Gateway on VMware vSphere or Microsoft Hyper-V. This deployment method simplifies configuration, installation, maintenance, and upgrades. After configuring VMware Tunnel in the UEM console, download and install the .ova file or .vhdx (hyper-v).

Installing VMware Tunnel using PowerShell script

The PowerShell script deployment method automates the settings based on the pre-configured script. The PowerShell script method calls the API server before running so you get a quick validation of the entered information before deploying the Unified Access Gateway. Consider using the PowerShell method for the best deployment experience.