Unenrolled devices can be viewed in the Workspace ONE ™ UEM console. You can also get access to troubleshooting logs made before a device's unenrollment from the UEM console.

Unenrolled Status

An unenrolled device is a device in one of three possible states.

  1. The device is new to Workspace ONE UEM and is not registered, not enrolled, and therefore not managed. A device in this state cannot be seen in the UEM console.
  2. The new device has begun the Workspace ONE enrollment process and is registered with the UEM console but not yet fully enrolled. This scenario normally occurs during a wave of new enrollments where devices are registered as a way of restricting enrollment. The mechanism that allows registered devices to enroll is a device whitelist. A device in this state can be seen by the UEM console with the status 'unenrolled'. Given that a registered device is traditionally a part of the enrollment process, a device does not remain in this state for long.
  3. The device was fully enrolled in the Workspace ONE UEM console at one time but it was deleted from the UEM console. This action removes it from all device management functions and features. In this state, the device is still registered with the UEM console and still remains on the whitelist. It can also be seen by the UEM console with the status 'unenrolled' and therefore can be re-enrolled easily. A device can remain in this state indefinitely.

Troubleshooting Logs Made Before Unenrollment

You can access Troubleshooting/Commands logs made before the device was unenrolled. This can be useful to get a full picture of the device's history. Take the following steps to view the Troubleshooting/Commands logs.

  1. Navigate to Devices > List View.
  2. Select a device you know to have been unenrolled in the past. You can optionally Filter the list view to show only devices with a Status of Unenrolled. When you select a device, the Details View displays.
  3. Select the More tab drop-down, then select Troubleshooting, followed by the Commands tab.

If you do not intend to re-enroll a previously unenrolled device to the same customer organization group again, consider deleting the device record permanently so the device history is clear upon re-enrollment. Contact Workspace ONE Support to make this arrangement.