This documentation discusses how to upgrade your VMware Workspace ONE™ UEM infrastructure regardless of your specific topology model. In order to take advantage of the latest features available in Workspace ONE UEM, you must keep your Workspace ONE UEM environment up to date with the latest version. As new versions of Workspace ONE UEM are introduced to the marketplace, you must go through a standard upgrade procedure on your existing Workspace ONE UEM infrastructure.

To guide your upgrade process, use the Upgrade Procedure Checklist.

If you are performing a feature pack update rather than a full upgrade, see Performing a Feature Pack Update for Workspace ONE UEM.

To enhance your preparation, see Before You Begin Tasks and Before You Begin Notes for additional upgrade considerations.

Prepare for Your Upgrade

The first step of the upgrade process is to take note of your existing Workspace ONE UEM console configurations to ensure everything is set up and functioning properly before the upgrade procedure. This also includes verifying you meet the minimum hardware requirements and have the appropriate SQL permissions.

For more information, see Prepare for Your Upgrade.

Back Up Databases and Servers

After stopping the appropriate services, you are ready to perform a back up of your components. This ensures you have an effective restore point should you need to roll back your deployment at any time. Workspace ONE UEM does not automatically back up your servers as part of the upgrade process. Please contact your server vendor to follow the best recommended practice for backing up your servers.

For more information, see Create Backups for Database and App Servers.

Stop All Websites and Services

Stop all the Workspace ONE UEM Services and disable Internet Information Services (IIS) websites on each Console and Device Services server. By disabling these, Workspace ONE UEM is effectively down and the database can be upgraded without interference.

For more information, see Stop Services Overview.

Upgrade the AirWatch Database

Run the database installers according to your current Workspace ONE UEM version to upgrade to the latest version.

For more information, see Database Upgrade Overview.

Upgrade Each AirWatch Console and Device Services Servers

Once the database has been upgraded, the installer can be completed on each Workspace ONE UEM console and Device Services Server to finish up the upgrade process.

Dedicated API and AWCM servers are considered application servers, similar to the UEM console and Device Services. You should therefore perform the steps below on these servers if you have dedicated servers for these components.

For more information, see Upgrade AirWatch Console and Device Services Servers Overview.

Post-Upgrade Validation

After you complete the upgrade procedure, verify that theWorkspace ONE UEM services are started, and then verify that you successfully upgraded Workspace ONE UEM.

For more information, see Post-Upgrade Validation Overview.

To verify that you have successfully completed the upgrade process, Complete the Post Upgrade Checklist.