On each of your Console and Device Services servers, run the Workspace ONE UEM v9.6.X Full Install.exe by right-clicking and running as administrator. The installer detects a previous version of Workspace ONE UEM and prompts you to upgrade. During this process, the Workspace ONE UEM Installer will stop IIS and all Workspace ONE UEM services and prompt the administrator to update the Workspace ONE UEM database. However, since you have already upgraded the database scripts, you can continue without taking any extra actions.

The upgrade process does not differ from the installation process. The values and settings you configured for your Workspace ONE UEM installation should be automatically populated, meaning you can verify them and select Next through the installer. For specific details on each of these installer screens, refer to the VMware AirWatch Installation Guide (VMware provides this documentation to you as part of the on-premises installation process).

SEG Upgrade Note

If you are running the Workspace ONE UEM Secure Email Gateway (SEG) on the same server as the Workspace ONE UEM console or Workspace ONE UEM Device Services servers, then you will need to manually Start the World Wide Web Publishing Service at this time. After the application upgrade completes, restart World Wide Web Publishing Service. The Workspace ONE UEM EAS Integration Service is not affected. This is done to ensure email traffic is not blocked while you are upgrading.