In this step you will run the actual database installers according to your current Workspace ONE UEM version.


Before continuing with the following steps, ensure you have properly backed up your Workspace ONE UEM database. If you have not properly backed up your database server and an error occurs during the upgrade process, you could lose all of your Workspace ONE UEM data and you must start your deployment of Workspace ONE UEM from scratch.

Follow the applicable procedure to upgrade to Workspace ONE UEM 9.4 depending on your current AirWatch version. You can find out which version of AirWatch you are running by opening the Workspace ONE UEM console and selecting About Workspace ONE UEM from the bottom left hand corner of any page.

If you are on a database version older than the versions listed here and require instructions to upgrade the database, then you should reference previous versions of the VMware AirWatch Upgrade Guide (available to partners and existing customers at: ), which include instructions for older versions.

When you have determined the proper upgrade for your database, Upgrade the Workspace ONE UEM Database.