VMware Tunnel is backwards compatible with updated versions of the Workspace ONE UEM console. Upgrade the VMware Tunnel product whenever you perform any major version upgrades.

Upgrade Using vSphere

  1. Access the Unified Access Gateway admin UI from a browser.
  2. Select Configure Manually.
  3. Scroll down to the bottom and select Export Unified Access Gateway Settings.
  4. Download the new OVA package from Workspace ONE UEM Resources : Download Unified Access Gateway.
  5. Deploy the new OVA in place of the existing OVA. Follow the steps you used before. See Deploy VMware Tunnel using vSphere for more information.
  6. Instead of manually configuring the settings, select Import Settings.
  7. Browse for the downloaded export JSON file.
  8. Select Import.

The Unified Access Gateway appliance supports a Zero Downtime Upgrade process. For more information, see the Unified Access Gateway Documentation.

Upgrade Using PowerShell Script

  1. Download the new OVA package from Workspace ONE UEM Resources: Download Unified Access Gateway.
  2. Use the same .ini template from your previous deployment with the PowerShell script.
  3. Follow the steps you use before. See Run the VMware Tunnel PowerShell Script for more information.