Before any devices can be enrolled, each device user must have an authentic user account recognized by Workspace ONE ™ UEM. The type of user authentication you choose depends upon the needs of your organization.

Basic Authentication

This type of user authentication is independent from any corporate user account system you may currently use such as Novell, Lotus Domino, or Microsoft Active Directory. As such, credentials only exist within the Workspace ONE UEM architecture. For more information, see Basic User Authentication.

Active Directory LDAP Authentication

Microsoft's Active Directory (AD) Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) Authentication is the most commonly used account system. This type of user authentication harnesses and aligns with AD, making it easy for the end user since they only need their corporate login and password.

For more information, see Active Directory / LDAP Authentication and Active Directory / LDAP Authentication with VMware Enterprise Systems Connector on page 1 .

Additional Authentication Types

There are other types of authentication methods including the use of an authentication proxy, Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML), and the secure and user-friendly token-based authentication.

For more information, see Authentication Proxy, SAML 2.0 Authentication, and Token-Based Authentication.

Enable Security Types for Enrollment

After you have selected the user authentication type, you must enable the authentication mode in the enrollment settings. For more information, see Enable Security Types for Enrollment.