Use the Workspace ONE Validation Tool to verify that your instance of VMware Device Services is properly configured.

  1. Run the Workspace ONE Validation Tool. Select the Device Services option.
  2. Enter the following Device Services information. Select Next at the end of each page.
    1. Host URL
    2. Database server
    3. Database name
    4. Authentication type: select SQL Server or Windows
    5. Database user
    6. Database password
    7. Outbound connections by proxy: select Yes or No
      • If you select Yes, enter the Proxy URL and Proxy port, and select the Authentication type.
      • If your authentication type is Password, enter the User name, Password, and Bypass List information for your authentication strategy.
    8. System integration configurations: select Yes or No to connect your back-end resources to Device Services
      • If you select Yes, select the System Integration that you want to configure and enter the required integration information for your selection.


  3. When you have entered all the required information, select Test to verify your Device Services configuration.
  4. When the test results appear, you can Export the results or Retry the validation. For more information about using the results, see Validation Tool Results.

If the validation returns errors, consult the Pre-Installation Requirements Worksheet, available at