Use the Workspace ONE Validation Tool to verify that your system and components are properly configured.

The Workspace ONE Validation Tool analyzes configuration data from the target AirWatch and Workspace ONE environments to validate that your environment is ready for a successful SaaS or on-premises deployment.

The utility validates the Database, Console, Device Services, AirWatch Cloud Messaging, VMware Enterprise Systems Connector, Secure Email Gateway, and Email Notification Service. Each of these components has different software and networking requirements, such as OS, Database, CPU, RAM, JRE, network security, Server Manager, DNS, certificates, and Email infrastructure.

The tool generates a customized report that validates that the environment is deployment-ready.

You can check your configuration to perform:

  • A system health check.
  • A validation before or after an install or upgrade to your AirWatch version.
  • Troubleshooting on network changes.
  • A validation before or after a server migration.

To begin the installation validation, download the Workspace ONE Validation Tool from Extract the ZIP file and open the WorkspaceONEValidationTool.exe file.

Next, select a component to validate: