Enter API Communication Credentials in Workspace ONE Intelligence so that it can communicate with third-party services for the automation feature.

Procedural Tasks

For a list of all the steps available to configure automation, see Automation Connections, API Communications, and Third-Party Connections.

Connections Procedure

  1. Access the Workspace ONE Intelligence UI.
  2. Navigate to Settings > Automation Connections.
  3. Select Authorize for the Workspace ONE UEM API process.
  4. Select Provide Credentials and configure the settings.

    Setting Description
    Base URL Enter the URL for your VMware Workspace ONE UEM server.
    API User Name Enter the user name for the specific admin you created for automation.
    API User Password Enter the password for the admin.
    Workspace ONE UEM Tenant Code Enter the API key that the Workspace ONE UEM console generated when you enabled REST API communications.

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