You can configure an administrative role that manages only web links applications. You can restrict the access and permissions of the admin to what is available on the Web tab of Apps & Books.

If you want to create such an admin, navigate to Accounts > Administrators > Roles > Add Role > Apps & Books > Web Apps in the Workspace ONE UEM console. The permissions for a Web App admin include many of the tasks carried out by the general admin.

Roles Exception

Your deployment may require the Web App admin to install and delete web links applications and their corresponding device profiles. If your Web App admin performs these tasks, enable the permissions for it in Accounts > Administrators > Roles in the UEM console.

Enable the following categories to give the Web App admin access to device profiles.

  • Device Management > Device Details > Profiles > Device Install Profile
  • Device Management > Device Details > Profiles > Device Remove Profile

For more topics about web applications in Workspace ONE UEM, see Web Applications Overview.