The AirWatch Agent application facilitates enrollment and allows for real-time management and access to relevant device information. The enrollment process secures a connection between Android devices and your Workspace ONE UEM environment.

Android Rugged devices also support using the AirWatch Agent for Android to enroll devices. Workspace ONE UEM recommends using the Product Provisioning system to enroll devices through staging packages as the AirWatch Agent enrollment method does not support some Product Provisioning functionality.

  • WifiConfig cannot configure Fusion settings for Motorola devices. You must push the WifiConfig.apk as an internal app after enrollment to configure the settings. Extract the WifiConfig.apk from a sideload staging bundle inside the Agent folder of a device and upload it to the Workspace ONE UEMconsole as an internal app.
  • Product Persistence does not support AirWatch Agent enrollment method. Products marked for persistence still download to the device but an Enterprise Reset removes all products. Persisted products do not automatically reinstall following an Enterprise Reset when the device reboots.
  • Android Work Managed enrollment is supported provided Zebra's Stage Now staging client is used.

For additional enrollment considerations and details about configuring enrollment options including enforcing enrollment restrictions, please see Device Enrollment Overview.