Add a Geofencing Area

You must define a Geofencing area before you can apply one to a device.

  1. Access the Area settings page by navigating to Devices > Profiles & Resources > Profile Settings > Areas. Select Add followed by Geofencing Area.
  2. Enter an Address and the Radius of the geofence in kilometers or miles. Also, you can double-click any area on the map to set the central location.

  3. Select Click to Search to view on a map roughly where you want to apply the geofence.


    Integration with Bing maps requires that "insecure content" is loaded on this page. If a location search does not load as expected, you may need to allow "Show all Content" for your browser.

  1. Enter the Area Name (how it appears in the Workspace ONE ™ UEM console) and select Save.

Next, you must Apply a Geofence to a Profile.