You can add a resource dedicated to providing devices with the means to connect to a wireless network, allowing them to send and receive data securely.

  1. Add a Wi-Fi resource by completing the following settings.

    Setting Description
    Resource Details
    Resource Name Name of the profile to be displayed in the Workspace ONE ™ UEM console.
    Description A brief description of the profile that indicates its purpose.
    Connection Info
    Service Set Identifier Enter an identifier that is associated with the name (SSID) of the desired Wi-Fi network.
    Hidden Network Enable if the network is not open to broadcast.
    Auto-Join Setting that directs the device to join the network automatically.
    Security Type Use the drop-down menu to select the wireless network security type (for example, WPA2 Personal).

    Use the drop-down menu to specify if data transmitted using the Wi-Fi connection is encrypted.

    Displays based on the Security Type.


    Enter the password for the email account. Enable the Show Characters check box to display the unredacted password.

  2. Click Next to proceed to the Platforms selection. Choose among the following supported platforms, opting for either the default settings or Advanced Settings.

  3. Click Next to proceed to the Assignment section.
  4. Assign the resource to devices by completing the following settings.

    Setting Description
    Assignment Type

    Determines how the resource is deployed to devices.

    • Auto – The resource is deployed to all devices automatically.
    • Optional – An end user can optionally install the resource from the Self-Service Portal (SSP), or it can be deployed to individual devices at the discretion of the administrator.

    Managed By The organization group with administrative access to the resource.
    Assigned Groups

    Refers to the group to which you want the device resource added. Includes an option to create a new smart group which can be configured with specs for minimum OS, device models, ownership categories, organization groups and more. For more information, see Assignment Groups.

    Exclusions If Yes is selected, a new text box Excluded Groups displays which enables you to select those groups you want to exclude from the assignment of this resource. See Exclude Smart Groups in Profiles and Compliance Policies for details.
    View Device Assignment After you have made a selection in the Assigned Group text box, you may select this button to preview a list of all devices to which this resource is assigned, taking the smart group assignments and exclusions into account.