The Header Menu appears at the top of nearly every page of the Workspace ONE ™ Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) console, enabling you to access to the following functions and features.


  • Organization Group – Select the Organization Group (the tab labeled Global) to which you want to apply changes.
  • Add – Quickly create an admin, device, user, policy, content, profile, internal application, or public application.
  • Global Search – ( DF_GlobalSearch) Search all aspects of your deployment within the UEM console, including devices, users, content, applications, configuration settings, admins, pages, and more.
  • Notifications – ( DF_Notifications) Stay informed about important console events with Notifications. The number badge on the Notifications bell icon indicates the number of alerts that require your attention.
  • Saved – ( DF_SavePage) Access your favorite and most-utilized pages within the UEM console.
  • Help – ( DF_Help) Browse or search the available guides and UEM console documentation.
  • Account – View your account information. Change the Account Role that you are assigned to within the current environment. Customize settings for contact information, language, Notifications, view history of Logins, and Security settings including PIN reset. You can also Log out of the UEM console and return to the Login screen.
  • Refresh – ( Refresh_Button) See updated stats and info without leaving the current view by refreshing the screen.
  • Available Sections – ( Hub_Available_Sections) Customize the view of the Hub Overview by selecting only the sections you want to see. Available only on the Hub screen.
  • Export – ( Export_Button) Produces a full (or filtered, if filtering is used) listing of users, devices, profiles, apps, books, or policies to a comma-separated values (CSV) file that you can view and analyze with Excel.
  • Home – ( DF_Home) Use this icon to assign any screen in the UEM console as your home page. The next time you open the UEM console, your selected screen displays as your home page.
  • Save – ( DF_Add2Saved) Add the current page to the Saved page list for quick access to your favorite UEM console pages.

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