With help from your admin, configure a testing environment in the Workspace ONE UEM console. Upload your application to this environment so that the app reviewer can review your application without dependencies on other Workspace ONE UEM components.


  • Integrate the AirWatch SDK with your application.
  • You need Workspace ONE UEM system admin permissions to configure these components. If you do not have these permissions, ask your Workspace ONE UEM Admin for help.
  • Ensure that you create a testing environment that hosts no production applications and components. Use this app review mode environment only for the app review process.
  • Configure all options in the app review organization group.

1. Create an App Review Organization Group

Configure a special organization group for app review mode in the Workspace ONE UEM console. Record the group ID for later entry to the SDK PLIST.

For details on configuring organization groups, see Create Organization Groups.

2. Create a User with Credentials for the Apple App Reviewer

Configure an app review mode user with credentials in the Workspace ONE UEM console. You give these credentials to the app reviewer so record the credentials.

For details on configuring users, see Accounts.

3. Create a Smart Group and Add the User

Workspace ONE UEM deploys applications based on assignment groups, specifically the smart group type. Create a smart group and add the user to the group.

For details on configuration assignment groups, see Assignment Groups.

4. Configure the SDK Profile

Use the default SDK profile or a custom SDK profile. Whatever SDK profile you use, ensure that the desired SDK features are enabled. Features to review are the Authentication Type, Single Sign On, and the App Tunnel Mode.

For details on SDK features, see MAM Features with SDK Functions.

5. Upload the Application to the Workspace ONE UEM Console

Upload the application binary (IPA) to the internal application area or the public application area of the Workspace ONE UEM console. It does not matter which type you use. However, ensure that you assign the SDK profile to the application and assign the test smart group to the application.

The bundle identifier must match the application submitted to the App Review process.

For details on the upload of internal applications, see Upload Internal Applications with a Local File.

For details on the addition of public applications, see Add Public Applications from an App Store.

6. Disable Required MDM Enrollment

Disable the requirement for MDM enrollment so that the app reviewer can access the application without enrolling with MDM. Follow these steps to disable MDM enrollment in the Workspace ONE UEM console.

Although the setting are nested under the Content Locker, it applies to all applications. Improvements to the user interface are planned for the future.

  1. Ensure you are in the app review mode organization group.
  2. Navigate to Groups & Settings > All Settings > Content > Applications > Content Locker.
  3. In the General area, disable Require MDM Enrollment.
  4. Select Save to complete the procedure.