The Settings section of each AirWatch Launcher allows you to set an administrative passcode, establish icon settings, and enable/disable various functions of the Launcher profile. Available preferences vary based on the selected mode you are configuring.

The following matrix compares the Launcher device capabilities across the different app modes. To see available setting for AirWatch Launcher using COSU Mode, see Launcher Device Settings Matrix for Android.


✓* Android 4.4 and below devices only


Category Preference Single App Multi App Template Mode
App Icons Allow Agent Icon on Home Screen    
App Icons Allow Phone Icon    
App Icons Allow Contacts Icon    
Settings Display Setting
Settings Sound Setting
Settings Screen Lock ✓*
Settings Language Setting ✓*
Settings Bluetooth Setting ✓*
Settings Wi-Fi Settings
Settings Security settings ✓*
Settings Application Setting
Settings Allow Cellular Data Setting (Android 4.4 and Below) ✓*
Settings Allow Tethering Setting ✓*
Settings Allow GPS Setting
Utilities Allow Widgets    
Utilities Allow App Manager
Utilities Allow Recent Task List ✓*
Utilities Allow Status Bar (Safe v3.0+)
Utilities Allow Notification Bar
Utilities Allow Navigation Bar (Safe v3.0+)  
Utilities Allow Mini Launcher Bar (Safe v3.0+)
Utilities Allow Airplane Mode (Android 4.1 and below Safe v5+)
Utilities Allow Stay Awake
Utilities Allow Launcher Settings    
Utilities Allow Power Option (Save v3.0+)
Hardware Keys Allow Home Button (Safe v3.0+)
Hardware Keys Allow Back Button (Safe v3.0+)
Hardware Keys Allow Options Button (Safe v3.0+)
Hardware Keys Allow Volume Up Button (Safe v3.0+)
Hardware Keys Allow Volume Down Button (Safe v3.0+)
Quick Launch Icons Allow GPS (Safe v3.0+)
Quick Launch Icons Bluetooth
Quick Launch Icons Wi-Fi
Quick Launch Icons Cellular Data (Android 4.4 and below) ✓*