Configure rules that control how devices are assigned to organization groups following enrollment. You can only create one custom attribute assignment rule for each organization group you run.

  1. Ensure that you are currently in a customer type organization group.
  2. Navigate to Groups & Settings > All Settings > Devices & Users > General > Advanced.
  3. Set Device Assignment Rules to Enabled.
  4. Set the Type to Organization Group by Custom Attribute.
  5. Select Save.
  6. Navigate to Devices > Staging & Provisioning > Custom Attributes > List View > Add > Add Attribute and create a custom attribute if you have not already done so. See Creating Custom Attributes for more information.
  7. Navigate to Devices > Staging & Provisioning > Custom Attributes > Custom Attributes Assignment Rules > Add Rule .
  8. Select the Organization Group to which the rule assigns devices.
  9. Select Add Rule to configure the logic of the rule.

    Setting Description

    This custom attribute determines device assignment.


    This operator compares the Attribute to the Value to determine if the device qualifies for the product.

    When using more than one Operator in a rule, you must include a Logical Operator between each Operator.


    There is a limitation on the less than (<) and greater than (>) operators. This limitation includes "less than or equal to" and "greater than or equal to" variants. These operators are mathematical in nature, which means they are effective at comparing numbers including integers. They cannot be used to compare non-numeric text strings. And while it is common for software versions to be represented with numbers indicating a graded versioning system (for example, 6.14.2), such representations are not numbers because they have more than one decimal point. These representations are actually text strings. Therefore, any assignment rule that compares software version numbers with multiple decimal points using greater than or less than operators (and their variants) can result in an error message.

    Value All values from all applicable devices are listed here for the Attribute selected for the rule.
    Add Logical Operator Select to display a drop-down menu of logical operators such as AND, OR, NOT, and parentheses. Allows for more complex rules.
  10. Select Save after configuring the logic of the rule.

When a device enrolls with an assigned attribute, the rule assigns the device to the configured organization group.