You must enable the Workspace ONE UEM console to assign redemption codes to users and devices. Select the applicable organization groups and smart groups to which to assign redemption codes.

  1. Navigate to Apps & Books > Books > List View > Purchased.
  2. Select the book you want to assign.
  3. On the Orders Assignment tab, complete the following options.

    Setting Description
    Add Assignment By

    Hover over the setting to assign redemption codes to organization groups or smart groups.

    • Organization Group – Allocate redemption codes to an organization group and either select All Users to include all users in that organization group or choose Selected Users to display a list of users in the organization group. Use the Add and Remove buttons to choose the specific users to receive the application.
    • Smart Group – Allocate redemption codes to a smart group by typing the name of the group. Options display and you can select the appropriate smart group from the list. You can create a new smart group, if necessary.

      • You can apply redemption codes to organization groups and to smart groups simultaneously. However, you can only specify the users for organization groups of the Customer type.
      • You cannot specify users for smart groups. However, you can edit the smart group so that it contains the necessary users.
    • Verify the information in the following columns for each assignment rule:

      • Users – View the number of users for the order.
      • Allocated – Enter the number of licenses to allocate to the selected users. Do not exceed the total number in the order.
      • Redeemed – View the number of licenses that have already been redeemed, if any.
    Redemption Codes On Hold Enter the number of redemption codes that you want to place on hold. Use this option to save the redemption codes for later use.
    SDK Profile If you use AirWatch SDK functionality, assign an SDK profile to the book.
    Assignment Type

    Books always push to devices On Demand.

  4. Select Save when you finish allocating codes.

For an outline of the support for the redemption code method, see Redemption Code Method.