This section provides information about the available features in Workspace ONE Boxer when configured with Microsoft Exchange and IBM Lotus Notes server.

Workspace ONE Boxer Comparison Matrix for Microsoft Exchange

The following features matrix compares the differences between the iOS and Android versions supported by Workspace ONE Boxer when configured with Microsoft Exchange.

Features and Functionality



Remote Administrative Actions

Configure email accounts

Wipe all enterprise data and settings

Clear passcode

x x
Deployment Methods

VMware AirWatch Container

VMware Workspace One

AirWatch Agent
Standalone Enrollment (email access only)
Application Passcode Policy
Require Active Directory username and password x x

Enforce minimum length

Alphanumeric passcode

Require special characters

Set passcode timeout

Set maximum passcode age

Enforce passcode history

Set maximum failed attempts

TouchID/Fingerprint Integration

Reset Forgotten Passcode

Share passcode across AirWatch apps

Data Loss Prevention

AES 256-bit SSL encryption in transit

AES 256-bit encryption at rest

Enable or disable adding multiple accounts

Detect compromised devices

Enable or disable copy and paste

Enable or disable screenshots


Enable or disable downloading attachments

x x

Restrict which apps can open attachments

Prevent sending to blacklisted domains

x x

Restrict sending to whitelisted domains

x x
Force links to open in VMware Browser
Enable or disable Caller ID
Remote IT Policies

Set default past days of mail to sync

Set past days of calendar to sync

Ignore SSL errors

x x

Enable or disable calendar access

x x

Enable or disable contacts access

x x

Authenticate account using a certificate

Authenticate account using credentials

Authenticate account using credentials and certificate

Enable or Disable HTML Email

x x

Configure default email signature

Enable or disable signature editing

x x

Set maximum attachment size

x x
Application Settings
Add multiple accounts
Configure default past days of mail to sync
Configure default past days of calendar to sync
Configure swipe gestures
Configure custom quick responses
Enable or disable displaying local calendars
Enable or disable displaying local contacts
Enable or disable conversation view
Configure undo duration
Configure auto-download of attachments over WiFi x
Configure week start day
Email Functionality
Combined inbox for multiple accounts
Send availability
Email quick replies
Reply with event invitation
Predictive email move
Custom boxes (pin individual or combined subfolders)
View event conflicts in event invitations
Filter by flagged or starred
Filter by unread emails
Mark as read/unread/flagged
Bulk actions for emails
View email by conversations (threads)
Search by to/subject
View email sub-folders
Automatically sync email sub-folders
Search contacts in global address list
Save email to drafts
Select all
Select all from sender


Configure Out of Office automatic replies
Calendar Functionality

Search by title or organizer


Accept/decline/tentative calendar invites

Create events and send event invitations

Reply to event organizer/attendees

Forward calendar events

One click conference call dialing

View events by month or day

View calendar agenda
Mark meeting as private
View local device calendars
Configure your availability status for meeting (Show As)
Edit recurring event schedule
Respond to individual occurrences of a calendar event series
Respond to event invitation with comments
Configure calendars to display
Contacts Functionality

Search contacts from global address list

Call and send messages to contacts

Caller ID contact sync
View recent contacts


Manage favorite contacts

Create/edit/delete rich contacts

View contact photos from GAL
Information Rights Management

Read rights managed email messages

Add rights management to composed email messages

Restrict copy-paste (extract allowed)

Restrict printing

Restrict forward

Restrict reply

Restrict reply all

Prevent removing rights management on reply/forward

Restrict modifying recipients on reply/forward

Prevent programmatic access

x x

Enforce email message content expiration

x x
Restrict editing message contents (on reply/forward)
Preview rights management protected attachments x x
Notifications and Widgets
Push email notifications (iOS requires email notification service)
Display notifications for calendar events
Enable or disable email widget x
Enable or disable calendar widget x
Configure notification preferences
S/MIME Functionality

Send S/MIME signed messages

Send S/MIME encrypted messages

Automatically fetch encryption certificates from GAL

Configure S/MIME options per email message

Decrypt S/MIME encrypted messages

View validity of S/MIME signed messages

Attachment Functionality

Built-in attachment previews

View locally saved attachments

Add links to files from Content Solutions

Add files from document providers

Attach from local attachments
Troubleshooting and Diagnostics
Send logs from application
View device's MDM and email connectivity status
Server Protocol Support

Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync

IMAP (Personal Accounts Only)
Microsoft Exchange 2016
Microsoft Exchange 2013
Microsoft Exchange 2010
Microsoft Exchange 2007
Microsoft Exchange 2003



Microsoft Office 365
Microsoft Office 365 with Modern Auth
IBM SmartCloud



IBM Lotus Notes 9.0



Google Apps