The following matrix applies to the platform version of VMware Workspace ONE Content available in the app store as of MMMM yyyy.

Features iOS Android Win 10 Win 8
Second Factor Passcode
SSL Encryption in Transit
AES 256-Bit Encryption at Rest
In Memory Encryption    
FIPS 140-2
Certificate Pinning      
IT Policies
Compromised Detection
Automatic offline revocation when device is compromised    
Require Enrollment
Automatic offline revocation when document expires
Maximum number of offline logins
Wipe content at Maximum number of failed login attempts
Prevent deleting mandatory content
Prevent Copy/Paste
Enable/Disable Print      
Enable/Disable Open in Third Party Application(s)
Enable/Disable Sharing via Email    
Enable/Disable Document Level Encryption
Enable/Disable Document Watermarking ✓* ✓*    
*The watermark feature is available for only admin repositories, user repositories, and Workspace ONE UEM managed content. It is not available for Personal Content and email attachments opened in Workspace ONE Content
Enable/Disable Screen Capture   ✓**    
** For Workspace ONE Content, Enable Screen Capture must be set to Yes to allow users to take screenshot of the documents and media content. It also enables the Screen Mirroring feature using third party apps like Vysor. If Enable Screen Capture is set to No, users can only take screenshot of the Workspace ONE Content home screen and folders. Screen Mirroring is also disabled.
Data Collection
Install Content
Open/Close Content
Uninstall/Delete Content
Session Status
Mobile Experience
Keep Me Signed In
Authenticate with back-end credentials (Active Directory)
Integrate with Workspace ONE UEM Single-Sign-On  
Workspace ONE UEM Single-Sign-On with VMware Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub as Broker App  
Allow Offline Access
Standalone MCM
Customize Terms of Use
Content Views
Featured Content (Folder, File, Category)
All Content (All/Installed/Uninstalled)
Recent Activity (Recently Updated and Viewed)
New Content
Favorite Content
Tile and List Views of content  
Full-screen mode for images/PDFs
View Required Content  
Swipe through all images in a folder/view      
Grid view of all images      
File Management
Sort Content (alphabetically, chronologically, importance)
Filter Content (File Type, download status)
Delete On-Demand documents
Import and Upload new documents/new versions
2-way sync for WebDav, network shares    
2- way sync for Google Drive, One Drive    
Check-In/Check-Out to SharePoint    
Add comments to files at SharePoint Check-in      
User Generated Content- Capture Pictures or Video in VMware Workspace ONE Content    
Add, Copy, Multi-Select files or folders  
User Generated Content – Add Audio Files      
User Generated Content – Add Office Files    
User Generated Content – Add Text Files    
Queue Multiple Document Downloads Simultaneously  
Manage Downloads (Pause/Resume/Cancel/Re-order)    
Manage Uploads (Pause/Resume/Cancel/Re-order)      
Search Strings within Documents (PDF Only)
Thumbnail navigation/scrub bar  
View Table of Contents
Multi-Tab Document Viewing(File type restrictions apply)    
Bookmarking (PDF Only)
Edit Bookmarks  
Night-Mode (PDF)  
Presentation Mode (native pointer for presenting content)      
Support for Links in PDFs
View Updates
Search Documents Based on Keywords
Highlight search results
View Last Successful Sync (Sync Status)
User Managed Content (Personal/Local Storage)
Personal Content Policies
Enable/Disable access to Personal Content
Storage quota control by user and group
Store Personal Content in Remote File Storage (RFS)
Enable/Disable Link Sharing
Enforce link sharing polices for max days, max downloads, password
Enable/Disable Folder Sharing
File Management
Add/Remove Files(s)
Add new version
Move File(s)/Folder(s)
Add/Remove Folder(s)
Removed files goes to Trash
Open external files into Personal Content
Automatically Upload document upon opening in VMware Workspace ONE Content    
Add and Save PDF Annotations
Edit and Save Office Documents (Word, Excel, PPT)    
Generate and share links to Personal Content from the device
Share Personal Content Folders and Add Collaborators from device
View shared folders with Files (Co-Owner, Editor, Reader)
Display Collaborators & Roles by each Shared Folder
Add Comments to File Versions      
View Activity Feed of Comments & Revision History per Document      
Save Drafts locally      
Notify User when update is available for document
Customization and Integration
External File Repository Integration
Share Point 2007
Share Point 2010
Share Point 2013
Share Point Online (Office 365)
Network File Share
FileServer (HTTP)  
Google Drive
User Added Repository Support
One Drive for Business    
Chinese - Simplified
Chinese - Traditional
Portugese - Brazil
Email Attachment and Integration
Allow Viewing of Attachments and saving to VMware Workspace ONE Content
Allow Viewing, Extracting and Saving of zipped attachments to VMware Workspace ONE Content  
Allow Editing of Email Attachments    
Allow Reshare of Email Attachments    
Multi-Select Content and Send as Email Attachments (Individual Attachments)      
Select Folders and Send as Email Attachments (Zipped Folder)      
VMware Workspace ONE Web Integration
Allow Viewing and Saving of VMware Worksoace ONE Web Downloads    

*File type supported for editing.