Act on the uploaded AirWatch Managed and synced Corporate File Server content from the Workspace ONE UEM console Content List View. The Content List View populates with the information you entered while uploading your content or repositories, providing an overview of all content.

Access this list by navigating to Content > List View.

Setting Description
AirWatch Managed

View and manage the content you directly added to the UEM console in this default list view.

AirWatch Managed Menu

Act on AirWatch Managed Content using the available list view options.

  • Add Content – Select to add AirWatch Managed Content to the UEM console.
  • Storage Used – Review the status bar to see the percentage of allotted storage consumed by end users.
Corporate File Servers

View and manage synced repositories in this list view, or use the content list views for individual repositories.

Corporate File Servers Menu

To display configured repositories in the list view, select Show Repositories


Find desired documents using the available filters.

  • Category – Filter content using the categories assigned from the UEM console.
  • Type – Filter content based on the file type.
  • Expiration Status – Filter content to display only the content set to expire in 14 days.


Information about the content availability to end users.

  • Green circles display next to active content.
  • Red circles display next to inactive content. Inactive content is not searchable, viewable, or sent automatically to devices.


Select to edit the general Info, Details, Previous Version, Security, Assignment, and Deployment information you configured when adding your content. You can also download or delete previous content versions.

Action Menu

Manage your content using the available menu options. The two Content List View action menus differ slightly.