This section provides information about the architecture design and functionality of ENS2.

ENS2 Architecture


Architecture Flow Description

  1. Public-Key Request
    • The device requests a public key to encrypt the account credentials.
  2. Subscribe
    • The device sends an encrypted payload with credentials and all the necessary information to subscribe and get email notifications.
  3. Push Subscription
    • ENS authenticates with EWS and subscribes for push notifications using a webhook URL. The webhook URL contains the encrypted credentials. The credentials are now kept encrypted on the Exchange server.
  4. New Email Notification
    • Exchange sends notification about the mailbox changes to the provided webhook URL.
    • ENS extracts and decrypts the credentials and prepares call to fetch emails.
  5. Email Fetch
    • ENS performs a fetch for the email details (subject and sender) required for providing a notification.
  6. Push Email
    • ENS pushes email details for delivery to all devices belonging to the user through Amazon SNS or CNS (On-Premises).