Create a virtual MDM server for devices that links to your own MDM servers, so you can manage devices directly in the UEM console. Workspace ONE UEM does not recommend using Internet Explorer to complete this process.

Before you begin to configure the DEP Portal, you must have your downloaded public key. For more information, see Download the Public Key to Integrate with Apple DEP. When you have you public key, perform the following steps.

  1. Select the Apple Deployment Programs link in the Device Enrollment Program window to be directed to Apple's website. Do not close this browser session. You will navigate back to this window after completing the DEP enrollment process below.

  2. Sign in with your organization's Apple credentials.
  3. Select Get Started to automate MDM enrollment.

  4. Confirm your identity by entering the verification code. The Device Enrollment Program portal screen appears.

  5. Select Manage Servers in the left-navigation pane.

  6. Select Add MDM Server to create a container that groups devices in the DEP portal for management in the UEM console. The MDM server name may refer to a server, department or location.

  7. Enter the MDM Server name for your organization. Select Next.

    If you choose the next option and select Automatically Assign New Devices, then each device (determined by serial number or purchase number) that is added to your DEP account from this point forward is automatically associated with that MDM server.

  1. Select Upload File and Upload your Public Key. Navigate to the MDM_DEP_PublicKey.pem that you downloaded from the UEM console earlier and upload it. Select Next.
  2. Select Your Server Token to receive an encrypted Apple Server Token file (.p7m) and save it in a convenient location.

  3. Select Done.