AirWatch DataMart that enables scheduled automatic data exports from the AirWatch database for statistical analysis and reporting. To use the tool, load DataMart on the server hosting the AirWatch database or in a separate network location.

Successful installation creates two SQL Server Agent jobs on the server.

There are multiple options for exporting data. You can select to export data in .csv format or as database tables. If data is exported in .csv format, you can select to save exported data on the AirWatch database server or in a separate network location.

If you select a separate network location, use a network folder in the .csv path accessible by the Windows account the SQL Server Agent uses. You use these account credentials to access the destination folder for CSV file output. If data is exported in a database table format, you can access the DataMart exports by following the information in relevant pages. DataMart export is available for both on-premises and SaaS (dedicated) AirWatch deployments.