Every device enrolled into Workspace ONE UEM has an assigned device ownership type: corporate dedicated, corporate shared, or employee-owned. Personal devices fall under the employee-owned type and are subject to the specific privacy settings and restrictions you configure for that type.

For both Container-based and Agent-based enrollment, you have the following options: 

Upload a List of Corporate Devices - Best Practice

You can identify a set list of corporate devices, which is useful if you have a mix of corporate-owned and employee-owned devices. As devices are enrolled, items on a pre-approved list automatically have their ownership type configured based on the ownership type you selected (either Corporate Owned or Corporate Shared). Then you can configure all other devices (end-user personal devices) to set their ownership type as Employee Owned automatically.

Configure Workspace ONE UEM to Apply a Default Ownership Type During Enrollment - Best Practice

You can set the Default Device Ownership type to Employee Owned, or you can create a restriction that only allows Employee Owned as the ownership type during open enrollment. These restrictions ensure that any device that enrolls into this applicable organization group lists as Employee Owned by default. Corporate devices do not default to Employee Owned, since those devices are updated post-enrollment to reflect their Corporate Owned status.

For step-by-step instructions on applying these two best practices, see Upload List of Corporate Devices and Apply Default Device Ownership.

Allow Users to Choose the Appropriate Ownership Type

While simpler for the admin, this approach assumes that every user selects the appropriate ownership type for their device during enrollment. If a BYOD user chooses the Corporate-Owned ownership type, their device is subject to policies and profiles that normally do not affect an employee-owned device. Misapplied policies can have serious legal implications regarding user privacy. While you can always update the ownership type later, it is better to identify a list of corporate devices and then set the default ownership type to Employee Owned.