The Android settings page lets you configure the various options for integrating with Android prior to enrolling Android devices. Android configuration uses a wizard to help you set up the integration for devices.


The Configuration page shows Google Admin Console Settings and Google API settings after successful Android EMM registration.

Enrollment Settings

Setting Description
Work Managed Enrollment Type

Choose if devices should be associated with the enrollment user or device.

When using paid apps, User Based is preferred for optimal license allocation and most BYOD use cases. For scenarios where a single user will not be associated with the device (such as Kiosks), Device Based is preferred.

Enrollment Restrictions

Setting Description
Define the enrollment method for this Organization Group

Select whether to Always use Android, or Always Use Android (Legacy), Define assignment group that use Android.

If you select Define Assignment Group that use Android, all unassigned devices default to use Android (Legacy).

Assignment Groups

Select a smart group from the drop-down menu.

When a smart group(s) is selected, devices or users that do not belong to that group(s) will go through Android legacy enrollment (device administrator). Devices that belong to smart group will enroll in Work Profile or Work Managed assuming they support these enrollment modes

For more information on Smart Groups, see Smart Groups Overview.