After you have installed the ENS2, you can configure the ENS2 related settings for VMware Boxer on the Workspace ONE UEM console.


API token and ENS2 server URL received from VMware AirWatch are required to activate the ENS service using Workspace ONE UEM console.


To configure the ENS2 settings on the Workspace ONE UEM console:

  1. Select the required organization group.
  2. Select APPS & BOOKS and then select the Public tab.
  3. Select VMware Boxer for the platform you want to configure the app on (iOS or Android).
  4. Select Edit on the upper right corner of the page and then select the Assignment tab.
  5. On the Application Configuration (Optional) section, add the following keys.

    Configuration Key Value Type Configuration Value Description
    ENSLinkAddress String

    Supported format:


    Sample link address:

    Provide the address for the ENS2 system for your users to connect. For more information, see Email Notification Service Endpoints.
    ENSAPIToken String

    Sample API Token:


    API token is generated during the installation.
    AccountNotifyPush Boolean

    False - disable (default)

    True - enable

    Enables ENS for the account.
    EWSUrl String

    Supported Format:


    Sample EWS URL:

    Enables manual configuration of Exchange Web Services (EWS) endpoint when autodiscovery is disabled in your Exchange environment.
  6. Select Save & Publish and then select Publish on the next page. To verify VMware Boxer settings, see Verify VMware Boxer Settings.