You can enroll devices using a web-based enrollment process through the iOS device's built-in Safari browser. This approach is best suited for deployments where users do not have an available Apple ID to download the AirWatch Agent.

If you do not want to require the AirWatch Agent for web-based enrollment (as a result performing "agentless" enrollment), then navigate to Groups & Settings > All Settings > Devices & Users > General. Make sure that the Require Agent Enrollment for iOS check box is not selected.

To perform web-based enrollment:

  1. Open Safari on the iOS device.
  2. Navigate to https://<Environment_URL>.com/enroll.
  3. Select whether to authenticate using your Email Address (if autodiscovery has been set up for your environment) or Group ID. Select Next.
  4. Enter the required information, depending on which authentication method you selected.
  5. Enter your user name and password, if applicable.
  6. Accept the Terms of Use, if applicable.
  7. Install the MDM profile when prompted and accept the MDM warning message by selecting Install. Accept any prompts for trust, if applicable.